We understand very well a Trans Border how critical your shipment can be. We have industry experts at your service 24/7 to offer you the solution to address your shipping needs. Unforeseen circumstances are impossible to predict but they can be dealt with by engaging the right people. With just one phone call, Trans Border will give you access to the industry’s leading solutions:

  • 24/7 priority pick up and delivery to and from anywhere in North America
  • Same day or next day service for delivery to most destinations within the continent
  • Sophisticated tracking systems from shipment pick-up through to delivery using unique identifiers accompanied with detailed information for each shipment
  • State of the art technology that monitors your shipment and sends alerts immediately when there is even a potential delay so that it can re-routed right away
  • Dedicated and trained drivers with the most optimal fleet to ensure timely delivery
  • We offer expedited pick up usually within 1 or 2 hours of your call
  • Door to door pickup and delivery all year round
  • An extensive network of certified haulers, trucks and a professional team for seamless ground expedite capabilities
  • Robust proof of delivery system via the web, e-mail or phone

We understand very well that every minute counts when an emergency arises and we are here to minimize your losses under such circumstances by getting you what you need immediately.